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Bellator 98 Play-by-Play Results: (C) Alexander Shlemenko vs Brett Cooper

Middleweight Title Bout (185 lbs) Alexander Shlemenko vs. Brett Cooper

Round 1- Cooper is attacking but nothing is landing yet. Cooper throws a kick  which Shlemenko catches and drops  Cooper but lets him get back up. They keep exchanging but you can hear the power is of Shlemenko punches, more than Coopers. Two body kicks land clean by Shlemenko. Shlemenko controlling the center of the cage or “circle”. Shlemenko’s signature spinning back fist is blocked nicely by Cooper. Cooper shoots and gets in deep but loses his balance and that allows Shlemenko to sprawl. Nice 1-2 foolwing by a slapping kick from Cooper. Clean left hook by Cooper lands flush on Shlemenko and Shlemenko is mildly stunned, more than we’ve seen before. Shlemenko is regaining his legs as the bell sounds. Scary moment for Shlemenko there but he still takes the round.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Shlemenko 10-9

Round 2- Cooper is marching forward, eats a few from Shlemenko that ends that. Spinning back fist misses by Shlemenko and he eats a right hand for his troubles. Cooper seems to have an easy time sneaking those hands in after Shlemenko throws his punches. Shlemenko is bloody. Cooper shoots in and takes Shlemenko but Shlemenko pops back up against the fence but Shlemenko is keeping his hands on the canvas to avoid the knees to the head. The cut actually looks really bad, the area specifically. Shlemenko is turning up the pressure but Cooper is meeting him in the middle, no pun intended. Shlemenko looks a bit tired but he keeps marching forward, throwing heavy shots. Level change by Cooper but eats a right hand. Cooper looks a bit stunned. Stiff jab by Shlemenko lands clean, head kick by Shlemenko looks clean but it was blocked.  Shlemenko attacks and eats a huge right hand by Cooper that came over a Shlemenko uppercut, awesome timing. Shlemenko is trying to clinch as he staggers across the cage. Cooper is pressing, Shlemenko is back peddling and Cooper gets a TD right before the end of the round. It looks like Cooper stole the round.

Fightline gives round 2 to Cooper 19-19

Round 3- Shlemenko catches a Cooper kick, Coopers falls momentarily. They’re back up and they continue to exchange. Shlemenko lands 2 straight body kicks followed by a lead right hand. They briefly clinch and they both land as they break. 1-2, 1-2, 1-2 by Shlemenko, missed most of them.  Cooper gets a little right hand crazy but lands some clean hooks and upper cuts. They clinch and Shlemenko pulls the head down and lands a knee on Cooper and momentarily threatens w/ a guillotine. They exchange again as Cooper attempts a single leg but nothing. They keep swining w/ a lot of punches missing. They clinch again after an exchange and Cooper is finshing for a single leg again. He drops his levels again and reaches for a double and gets it. Shlemenko gives his back to get back to his feet. Breaks loose w/ some hand control. Back and forth, they continue to pot-shot one another and they clinch as the bell ends.

Fightline gives Round 3 to Shlemenko 29-28

Round 4- Shlemenko attacks immediately. Cooper has his hands up high but as he backs away, Shlemenko lands a clean left hook that drops Cooper and Shlemenko jumps on him. Shlemenko is looking for the finish but Cooper desperately shoots for a single leg to stall some. Cooper is on wobbly legs but he’s recovering. They clinch as Cooper shakes off the cobb webs. Cooper throws a kick that Shlemenko catches and as he lets the leg go, he unloads a sweet knee to Coopers body.  Spinning back fist misses. Cooper lands a clean punch and Shlemenko invites Cooper for more, waiving him in. This is the 4th or 5th time he’s invited Cooper in, he may actually be feeling those punches. They clinch again against the fence. They both exchange and it seems as if these guys can take anything because damn near every punch in that exchange connected flush. Shlemenko is not circling as Cooper is trotting forward. Spinning back kick by Shlemenko lands right before the bell.

Fightline gives Round 4 to Shlemenko 39-37

Round 5- They pick up where they left off and Cooper looking for the single leg. And not a double. Shlemenko is doing a great job of stuffing Cooper’s TD. Clean left by Shlemenko, Cooper eats it well. Shlemenko continues to march forward, momentary Thai plum by Shlemenko but they break. Coopers barges in for a TD and gets it. They both connect on the same left hand but Shlemenko adds a right hand afterwards that also connects. They clinch and now Shlemenko goes for a TD which he gets. Cooper looks tired. But even still, he gets back up. Shlemenko’s corner has done a great job w/ that cut. They clinch and again a TD from a body lock from Shlemenko. Cooper on his knees looking for a single but Shlemenko is sprawling well. They get back up. They exchange once more and again Shlemenko shoots in for a double and gets. He postures and lands a big right hand before Cooper rolls to his knees then back to his guard. Shlemenko passes Cooper’s guard and lands a few more punches as the bell sounds.

Fightline gives Round 5 and the bout to Shlemenko 49-46

Official Results: Alexander Shlemenko def. Brett Cooper via unanimous decision (48-47×3)