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Bellator 98 Play-by-Play Results: Brian Rogers vs Mikkel Parlo

Middleweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout (185 lbs) Brian Rogers vs. Mikkel Parlo

Round 1- No tap of the gloves and they’re off. Low kick by Rogers lands and nearly stumbles over. Parlo lands a stiff jab that drops Rogers but he pops back up. They clinch against the fence w/ Rogers’ back on the fence. Rogers looks to have regained his legs. Rogers lands a clean body kick and attacks w/ a flying knee but it misses. A combo by Rogers and he lands a nice left hand that stuns Parlo but he back peddles to shake it off. The exchange again and this time Rogers is momentarily stunned. These guys are swinging for the fences. Every time they exchange, someone gets stunned. Rogers lands a few nice combos and falls after landing a leg kick. He backs back up immediately. Rogers’ punches are looking cleaner than before but now it appears as if he’s beginning to gas. Parlo lunges in w/ some body shots and leaps in w/ a knee. I believe it landed to the body. Parlo bullies Rogers down but Rogers turns Parlo over and puts him on his back. Parlo gets right back up though. They both swing big near the end of the round, Rogers looks to be the fight whose feeling the punches the most.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Parlo 10-9

Round 2- Rogers lands a leg kick as Parlo lands a wide left to the head. They clinch and Parlo loads up for a knee as Rogers lands 3 or 4 body shots. they separate and Rogers leaps in w/ a knee. They clinch again and Parlo lands a few knees. Rogers goes for a head and arm toss but Parlo blocks it and lands on top in Rogers’ half guard. Parlo gets full mount and now begins to rain down shots but Rogers is squirming and gives his back just to get half guard again, which he does. Parlo landing some clean right hands as Rogers scrambles to block them. Parlo stands and lands a few punches while Rogers throws up kicks near the fence. Parlo jumps back in to Rogers half guard. Parlo is being very active, enough to keep the fight here. Parlo landing solid knees to Rogers body, Rogers eating each one. All Rogers is doing now is holding on and waiting till the end of the round, which eventually comes.

Fightline gives Round 2 to Parlo 20-18

Round 3- Sorry guys I missed the beginning of the round, I had to run to the little girls room. They’re on the ground w/ Parlo on top in Rogers half guard again. Parlo landing more left hands and more knees to Rogers’ body. Parlo occasionally tries to pass but isn’t going for it 100%. Rogers gets a deep half and uses it to sweep but Parlo stands back up as does Rogers. They stay clinch against the fence w/ Rogers back on the fence. Parlos threatens w/ a single leg and Rogers goes for a kimura. Parlo defends it easily. Parlo drop his levels again for a single leg and gets it. Parlo postures and lands big shot to the head and a few hard knees as Rogers turtles up. Rogers gets to his feet only to eat a huge knee by Parlo, sending Rogers timbering back like a tree. The ref is close to stopping the fight but Rogers defends just enough to finish the round and the fight. Rogers looked done, I’m shocked the ref didn’t stop the fight. 10 more seconds in the fight and the ref would’ve jumped in.

Fightline gives Round 3 and the fight to Parlo (30-27)

Official Result: Mikkel Parlo def. Brian Rogers via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26×2)