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Bellator 117: Victor Moreno Vs. Anthony Smith

bellator 117

Victor Moreno vs. Anthony Smith

Middleweights Victor Moreno (32-19) and Anthony Smith (17-11) take to the cage next.

Round 1: Loudest cheers of the night are for Smith, who is fighting out of Omaha, which is just a few minutes from here. Moreno comes out the aggressor, but is quickly backed up by Smith. Spinning back kick misses from Moreno, but a front kick does not. He charges in and is eating several big knees for his effort by Smith, but remains in control of the potential takedown. Another knee from Smith catches him and he gains control. Moreno misses with a knee and Smith does not. More knees by Smith and they separate with three minutes to go in the round. Smith throws up a head kick that Moreno easily moves away from. Moreno looks tired already, breathing heavily and Smith goes on the offensive with a big right. Nice combo from Smith gets through and he goes to work with the kicks. Moreno catches him, but is unable to follow up. We have our second nasty low blow of the night already, as Smith catches Moreno with a right foot that takes him off his feet. Moreno looks upset from the low blow, firing off several shots. Smith retaliates with his own offense. Smith catches him against the fence and connects with a left-right combo. Big right gets through by Moreno. Smith closes the round with a power takedown.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Smith

Round 2: Smith locks up a possible submission here and he gets it, choking out Moreno with a triangle choke of the head.

Anthony Smith def. Victor Moreno via submission (triangle choke) at :59 of Round 2