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Bellator 117 Post-Fight Press Conference Quotes

rick hawn

FightLine was on-scene for Bellator 117 Friday night from Council Bluffs, Iowa, as a new welterweight champion was crowned.

Douglas Lima devastated Rick Hawn in the main event with a series of brutal leg kicks, earning the second round stoppage victory and becoming the third Bellator 170-pound champion in the process.

Marcin Held and Patricky Pitbull advanced to the season 10 lightweight tournament final with victories, while Karl Amoussou defeated David Gomez in another main card bout.

Below are highlights from the post-fight press conference.

Bjorn Rebney

“What a spectacular night. I still can’t get over that they let me sit cageside, bark orders and watch fights like this.”

“When Patricky came to the organization, he beat Rob McCullough by knockout, Kurt Pellegrino by knockout, Toby Imada by flying knee. Then, he faced the depth of our lightweight division and went on a bad skid. But (his brother) told me ‘Pitbull’ would come back. Based on this performance, the ‘Pitbull’ is back. When he turns it on, it’s just a train wreck, and it’s great to see him back in action do what he does better than anybody else.”

“Derek Campos will be back with us. He is a very tough fighter, he just got caught by a train wreck.”

“David Gomez will fight for us again. He will go anywhere to fight. He takes fights on short notice. I would love to give him time to see what he can do with real prep and a real camp behind him. He is fun to watch.”

“Rick Hawn will be back at 155. He will be a monster at that weight class.”

“Douglas Lima is the best of the best. I can’t see anyone at 170 pound in the world today who could beat this guy.”

Derek Campos

“‘Pitbull’ is a tough fighter and I knew that coming in. The first round was in my favor and I thought I could keep that going. ‘Pitbull’ is a train wreck. Hat’s off to him. I can’t wait to get back in there.”

Patricky Pitbull

“Thank you for all your words, but I am here to be champion. This doesn’t matter. The victory is good and I am happy, but I will be real happy when I’m a champion.”

David Gomez

“It was a tough fight, a fun fight. I think the fans knew who won the fight. It’s all good. The kid is tough, but it was a good, fun fight.”

Karl Amoussou

“I am glad to be back with Bellator, and with a win. I changed many things in my style and I thought a lot about what was good and what was bad. I am still going to improve a lot. I’ve improved a lot already. When the next fight happens, there will be a lot of changes.”

Derek Anderson

“(Marcin Held’s) tough. I worried a lot about that leg lock and I survived it, but the triangle got me. Stuff happens. Things happen. I still have a great life and a future ahead of me.”

“Everything’s great. I’m not too worried about it. I can’t wait to fight again.”

Marcin Held

“I feel from every fight, I get more fans here. I am really happy American people like my style. They like my fights. Thank you for supporting me.”

Rick Hawn

“I took a fight to get into the tournament on six days notice. I thought it was a good gamble. I won the tournament, won a title shot, but I am a natural (lightweight). I won’t make any excuses; it just wasn’t my night.”

“Lima is an amazing fighter and he showed it. I can’t stand up. I wish I gave him a better fight, but I am happy to have my head attached to my body. I can’t walk, but at least my heads still there.”

“I am going to take some time off. I want to return in early fall, definitely.”

Douglas Lima

“I respect (Hawn) a lot. Hopefully nothing too bad with the knee. I hope you come back as soon as possible.”