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Bellator 117: Josh Arocho Vs. Julio Cesar Neves

Bellator 117: Josh Arocho Vs. Julio Cesar Neves

Josh Arocho vs. Julio Cesar Neves

Unbeaten featherweight prospect Julio Cesar Neves (28-0) meets Josh Arocho (13-12), who is fighting out of nearby Papillion, Nebraska.

Round 1: Arocho shoots for a takedown and locks up with Neves against the fence. Neves reverses and Arocho just misses a knee. Big right uppercut lands by Arocho, but Neves just brushes it off. Superman punch by Neves, who shows his speed by following it up with a left and a right kick to the body. Locked up against the fence again and Arocho tries a trip to no avail. Neves with his own judo throw and he quickly moves to top position. Arocho has the guard up and is avoiding any damage, but gets folded up after trying for an armbar. Arocho gets better position and has another armbar locked in, but Neves slips out. The submission looked tight, but Neves showed he knew what to do there. Neves into side control with a minute left. Neves with some ground-and-pound. Arocho trying for a bottom choke but the round ends.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Neves

Round 2: Neves with some fancy feet to start the round and lands a nice knee. However, it caught him low and we have a break in the action. Upon review, as the knee went high, the right foot went directly to the groin area. Neves inside the guard as we go under four minutes in this round. Arocho has him tied up well and Neves realizes that, breaking the mount. Nice stomp to the midsection by Neves, who gives up a leg but gets side control and is unleashing elbows with rapid speed. The ref is close and this one is all over.

Julio Cesar Neves def. Josh Arocho via TKO (strikes) at 2:37 of Round 2