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Bellator 117: Jordan Parsons Vs. Tim Bazer

Bellator 117: Jordan Parsons Vs. Tim Bazer

Jordan Parsons vs. Tim Bazer

We begin action in the lightweight division, as Jordan Parsons (9-1) meets Tim Bazer (14-15).

Round 1: Parsons going right for the body, lands a kick to the midsection and immediately takes Bazer down. Parsons with heavy elbows to the ribs as Bazer tries to break free. Bazer’s able to reverse the action on the ground and is on top, but Parsons quickly to his feet. Parsons now reverses, takes the mount as Bazer locks up the body. Parsons now in full mount and landing vicious elbows to the face. More elbows and now just straight ground-and-pound from Parsons with over two minutes to go in the round. Bazer survives, but gives up his back in the process. More big ground-and-pound to finish the round for Parsons.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Parsons

Round 2: Bazer throws a leg kick coming out and Parsons catches him with a right, knocking him completely out. Bazer is still down, as Parsons noticed and didn’t inflict any further damage as the referee was on the other side of the cage.

Jordan Parsons def. Tim Bazer via KO (right-hand) at :04 of Round 2