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Bellator 110: Post-fight Press Conference Quotes

Bellator 110:  Post-fight Press Conference Quotes

Fightline was in attendance at Bellator 110 and the post-fight press conference, which was held immediately after the event at the Mohegan Sun Arena.  In attendance were Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, the lightheavyweight tournament finalists ‘King’ Mo Lawal, and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, along with the winners and losers from the opening round of the Season 10 featherweight tournament.  It was a packed room at the presser and things got intense when Rampage and Mo first verbally agreed to a “winner take all” scenario for their upcoming fight, and then attempted to turn this into a one night tournament, with Rampage asking “Is the cage still up?”.  The two had a heated exchange and needed to be calmed down by the event staff.

Daniel Weichel spoke briefly about his win in his Bellator debut over Scott Cleve:

“It was my first fight for Bellator.  I’m very happy to be here.  I’m looking forward to getting back in the gym and [fight] in four weeks again.”

Will Martinez advanced to the semi-finals on the other side of the bracket, and had this to say about his fight with Goiti Yamauchi:  

“I said going into the fight that I was going to push the whole fight.  It’s been a little bit over three years since I’ve had someone test me, like he tested me.  That’s what I wanted, and that’s what he gave me.  I could have kept fighting all night.”  

Yamauchi also spoke and gave his thoughts on the loss:

“I want to say sorry to everybody who came out here and believed in me tonight.  I had some problems, I don’t want to discredit Will Martinez, he had a good fight tonight.  But I’ll be back, and I’ll be back stronger.”

Facing Martinez in the next round will be Des Green, who won a decision over Mike Richman.  Here’s what Green had to say about the win:

“Going into this fight, my manager told me, and I knew that Mike Richman was a tough opponent, he made it to the finals.  Really I’m new to Bellator and I wanted to out there and make a statement.  I wanted to go out there and let people know that I’m not just a wrestler, I do know how to strike also, and just really dominate.  Thanks to my team.  I had about 40 people come from Rochester for support and love.”

Richman gave his thoughts on losing to Green:

“Well I was just on the wrong end of a close fight.  We’ll see whats next for me in Bellator and we’ll go from there.”

Matt Bessette perhaps made the biggest splash in the tournament, upsetting UFC and WEC veteran Diego Nunes. He was appreciative and had this to say after the fight:

“Fighting such a tough guy who’s highly respected is such an honor.  Thank you Bjorn for the opportunity.”

In the Season 10 light heavyweight tournament, King Mo Lawal defeated Mikhail Zayats in a fight that drew a chorus of boos from the crowd, and Lawal admitted it wasn’t a great fight.  He gave this thoughts on the fight:

“The fight could have been better, but Bjorn, you’ve got to change that canvas man.  People were slipping, I was slipping.  I felt like I could have performed better, but I couldn’t get my footing right.  But hopefully you all get this canvas thing settled, because when me and Rampage bang, it’s going to be good.  Trust me”

Lawal’s thoughts on the fans in attendance who were booing the fight:

“I’m going to keep it real with you.  That wasn’t my best performance, but when the fans are booing, f*** the fans.  Straight up.  The fans that keep it real, that come and watch this fight, I’m cool with.   But the ones who are booing, they ain’t in here doing what we doing, so for those that are booing, straight up f*** them.”

Zayats was a man of few words at the post-fight presser:

“I lose fight, but for belt, I will not stop.”

In the main event, Rampage blasted past Christian M’Pumbu with a first-round knockout.  Here’s what Rampage had to say at the presser about the fight, and why he stood over M’Pumbu after the finish while he was still down and taunted him:

“He’s a very good fighter, but his only mistake was saying he’s going to retire me.  I don’t take kindly to words like that, it just does something to me.  It makes me have one objective and that is to hurt you.  You’re a very good fighter, I’m just glad you didn’t get hurt too bad.  But if we ever fight again, please don’t say nothing like that, because I might try to kill you next time.  I don’t like saying they’re going to retire me and stuff like that.  People think that because I had some knee problems, they can go and kick my knee.  I see him trying to kick my knee backwards and stuff like that.  You guys are wasting your time.  I healed the knees up, and they’re going good.  I’m getting them stronger.  I just want to show everybody that I’m hear to stay.  I still got a few more years in me.  Im training smarter now that I’m older and stuff like that.  I haven’t lost my speed yet.  I havent lost my strength.  I’m ready to do everybody in.”  

When asked what it was he said to his downed opponent, Rampage couldn’t remember:

“That was Rampage there in the cage.  This is Quinton right now, so I really don’t know.  I’d have to go back and watch.  If I said any profanity or anything I apologize.  What did it look like I said?”