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BAMMA 28 Weigh-In Results: Norman Parke Misses The Mark


Former UFC fighter Norman Parke missed weight for his lightweight title fight vs. Paul Redmond and will not be eligible to win the title.

The two will headline the BAMMA 28 card, which serves as the prelims to Bellator 173 Friday.

BAMMA World Lightweight Title

‘Stormin’ Norman Parke (155.8)* Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond (155)

Interim BAMMA World Flyweight Title

Dominique ‘The Black Panther’ Wooding (124.2) Andy ‘Taz’ Young (125)

BAMMA World Featherweight Title

Damien ‘Frankenstein’ Lapilus (144.4) Vs. Ronnie ‘Iron’ Mann (144.6)

Lonsdale Lightweight Title

Rhys ‘Skeletor’ McKee (c) (154.6) Vs. Tim Barnett (154.2)

Jonathan Brookins (146) Vs. Decky ‘The Diamond’ Dalton (146)

Daniel Olejniczak (169.4) Vs. Jonathan ‘Chopper’ Reid (161.6)

Niall ‘The Queit Man’ Smith (145.4) Vs. Daniel Rutkowski (145.2)

Paul Hughes (145.4) Vs. Adam Gustab (144.8)

Will Fleury (185.4) Vs. Kyle McClurkin (185.6)

Andrew ‘The Carlow Kid’ Murphy (145) Vs. Stephen Kilfin (146)

80kg Catchweight Bout

Keith ‘The Butcher’ McCabe (176) Vs. Glenn ‘The Beast’ Irvine (177.4)

* Due to Norman Parke missing Championship weight (No 1lb allowance) only Paul Redmond will be able to win the title.

Jai Herbert Vs. Steve Owens Has been removed from the fight card due to Steve Owens being taken ill. Jai Herbert made weight at 156.