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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: Dos Santos Will “Look for the KO” Against Brock Lesnar

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This Guy is Still My Hero

After the recent announcement that Junior Dos Santos will coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter against the behemoth that is Brock Lesnar, Dos Santos’ trainer/mentor and all around MMA legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira gave his thoughts on the situation. In an interview with Brazilian site Nogueira had some interesting things to say.

TUF is going to be important to showcase Brazilian MMA in the US, show them how we train united. I showed them that when I was TUF coach and Cigano will show the same. We’ll be going to visit him, me and Anderson, but Cigano is a guy who already knows how to teach, he already teaches. He’ll know how to show the techniques and show why he’s one of the best in the world. As for Lesnar, he doesn’t kick, so Cigano will not need to train too much defensive Muay Thai, as he was training for Cain, he can now rely more on training offensive Muay Thai. And this is the type of fight where he’ll look for the KO, train a lot of wrestling, train the guard because he could end up falling underneath (Lesnar), even though Lesnar’s GnP is not as good as Cain’s. But (Cigano) will look for the KO in this fight.

Big Nog makes a very pertinent point, as only he can, in that Brock Lesnar doesn’t bring to the fight the kind of well-roundedness and different dimensions that Cain Velasquez would have. The big thing for me in this fight is the quick hips that Junior has displayed in his previous bouts that has allowed him to keep the fight standing. Does that quick hip movement allow him to stay off the mat against a wrestler the caliber of Lesnar though? I don’t really know. I do expect Lesnar to get a couple early takedowns, but I also expect Cigano to be able to use that nice hip movement to wiggle his way back to his feet and thus I do favor Dos Santos in the fight.

(Translation by Bloody Elbow)