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Almost Heaven: West Virginia Legalizes MMA

My home state has finally gotten the message and legalized our beloved sport. From WV Metro News.

Del. Randy Swartzmiller, D-Hancock, says when he first began hearing from those who wanted to legalize MMA, he wasn’t sure and believed many of the critics.

“When this kind of started being talked about three years ago I thought the same thing, but I educated myself. In the early days it (MMA) was pretty bad,” Swartzmiller admitted. “But there have been so many rules put in place, it’s very regulated. It’s just a great sport.”

The bill that was approved Saturday is for professional fights only and requires the regulations to receive final approval from the legislature.

“Forty-seven other states are out there taking advantage of this sport and West Virginia is going to be able to join them now,” Swartzmiller said.