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7 Old Fedor Emelianenko Fight Videos Including His Only Loss and A Controversial Decision Against Ricardo Arona

Hey everyone its really late and Im about to call it a night. But I just wanted to add some of these Fedor fights from Rings and other organizations so I can make my Fedor page more respectable. Enjoy these. Watching these old fights you can see the tremendous potential that would eventually come out. Alot of these RINGS fights would of been over sooner if they allowed head punches on the ground, which is obviously Fedor’s biggest strength.

Fedor vs Chris Haseman

Fedor vs Hiroya Takada

Fedor vs Mihail Apostolov

Fedor vs. Egidijus Valavicius

Fedor vs Kerry Schall

Fedor vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka- Fedor’s Only Loss

Fedor vs Ricardo Arona- Controversial Decision