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UFN 28 play-by-play and live results


Sean Spencer def. Yuri Villefort via split decision


Ivan Jorge vs Keith Wisniewski

Round 1: Ivan immediately shoots in dep on a takedown but Keith defends. Ivan relentless with cliching against the fence and takedown attempts, but he just can’t do it. Keith picks his shots from outside wisely and he is doing nice damage. He times a few knees to the body. Straight punches coming from Keith that are quite effective. Ivan clinching against the cage again, but he has nothing for Keith. He can’t do any damage at all or secure a single takedown. Keith stays patient and times a knee on the break. Keith looking good in the clinch with Thai attacks. 10-9 Wisniewski

Round 2: Ivan lands a nice combo to open the round, right hook to a left inside leg kick. He attempts another takedown but Keith yet again defends. Keith briefly hits the mat, but he is back up. Ivan won’t let go. Ivan takes his back against the fence and maintains a super-awkward humping motion for at least a few seconds. Keith’s face is in a WTF expression. Incredibly ineffective strategy from Ivan. Keith just standing there. Keith out of the clinch and he is pissed off. He clinches and throws knees and punches again, he is staying busy. Ivan clinches again. Wow, ref FINALLY breaks them apart. Ivan is very inactive. Keith looking for strikes from the clinch again. Ivan looks tired, and Keith looks just fine. This strategy is really backfiring for Ivan. 10-9 Wisniewski

Round 3: Ivan opens with leg kicks and they are looking good. Keith clinches and looks for more knees. Keith falling short with his clinch output. Ivan pushes them up against the fence yet again. Not activity. Yamasaki breaks them up and then realizes that a low blow was landed. They re-engage after a short break and then Ivan pushes forward and he actually throws strikes from his clinch for once. Some decent knees from Ivan, why didn’t he do this for the entire fight? Ivan throws even more strikes. He is actually busy now. He throws many knees to the legs and body, but nothing of consequence. Too little too late. 10-9 Jorge

My goodness. What a terrible decision.

Ivan Jorge def. Keith Wisniewski via unanimous decision

Elias Silverio vs Joao Zeferino

Round 2: Silverio defending the clinch again. He lands a few punches here and there to show his dominance. Both fighters having trouble implementing their own game plan. Silverio landing some nice striking combinations on the break. The same one-two is landing repeatedly from Silverio. Zeferino can’t clinch and he looks lost. Silverio lands another one-two that hurts Zeferino, but he clinches instead of finishing. 10-9 Silverio

Round 3: Silverio shows appeal to begin the round. Silverio defending the clinch now, and tossing Zeferino down. Silverio allowing him to stay down and throwing punches here and there. He stands and lands some kicks to the legs. Not much action. in a scramble, Zeferino lands an illegal upkick that was obviously intentional. After a brief break, they clinch again. Zeferino rolls to his back again, and he apperas to be exhausted. Sivlerio with more kicks to the legs. Not so much action. They stand, and Silverio clinches against the cage for a while. Silverio ends the round on top and he is excited. 10-9 Silverio

Elias Silverio def. Joao Zeferino via unanimous decision

Ramiro Hernandez vs Lucas Martinez

Round 1: Both of them throwing combos aggressively. A crazy exchange, Martinez gets stunned and backpedals. Martinez recovers quickly and closes in on Hernandez against the fence. Hernandez lands a head kick follows by a right cross that sits Martinez down. Martinez is hurt badly but he stands, Herb Dean is right there ready to stop it. As Martinez stands, Hernandez expertly spins to take his back and sinks is a rear naked choke. Hernandez snatches both hooks,a and it is deep. Big props to Martinez, he punches Hernandez in the face repeatedly until going unconscious. Herb Dean stops it. Finally, and exciting fight!

Ramiro Hernandez def. Lucas Martinez via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:04 of round 1

Felipe Arantes vs Edimilson Souza

Round 1: Souza looking very loose. He is all over with straight punches and head movement. His hands are low. Arantes staying tight, but he looks confused. Souza’a output has slowed, mostly movement now. He picks it up halfway through the round, he corners Arantes and lets loose some long punches. Arantes blocks them. Souza very busy now, long, straight punches. I wonder what his reach is? Arantes times a double leg and Souza is on his back. Souza doing a great job of neautralizing. Arantes can’t pass the closed guard, and he can’t really land any strikes at all. Souza chilling. Arantes stans, but he lands a big right hand and re-enters the guard. Arantes stays busy this time around, and he moves to mount right before the bell signals the end of the round. 10- Arantes, by a hair

Round 2: Souza looking very sharp. The occasional right cross lands flush on Arantes. Souza walkiing him down. Arantes shoots for a double, Souza defending well. They are stuck against the cage. Finally they break, and Souza is picking him apart. Nice body punches, nice combos. Souza applying much rpessure. Arantes puts his hands down as if to say that nothing is hurting him, but this is stupid. Souza throws a few more punches to the head and Arantes changes his mind. Souza winning easily while standing. 10-9 Souza

Round 3: Souza still landing clean. Nice combos. Arantes lands a nice body kick. Souza is so sharp though, he is winning each exchange. He is showing some amazing head movement. A right hand lands flush by Souza, Arantes leans against the fence. Souza throws some odd sloppy punches, and Arantes shoots in and gets  takedown. Technical error from Souza. Souza escapes. Souza moving forward but he is using mostly footwork. Arantes lands a takedown again. Arantes pins him up against the cage and he is going for body punches and knees. This will steal this round from Arantes. We all know how the judges favor the grappler. 10-9 Souza, however the judges will obviously score it 10-9 Arantes

Wow, hey I’m wrong. Nice to see the decision go to the right figher.

Edimilison Souza def. Felipe Arantes via split decision


Ali Bagautinov vs Marcos Vinicius

Round 1: Ali pressures early. Ali walks him down. Marcos looks scared. Ali smiles and continues to walk him down. Ali presses him against the cage, and he lands a nice couple punches. Marcos is hurt. Alie all over him, lands a flurry of punches that have Marcos rolling around looking to tie up. Ali blasts him, the ref is looking to stop it, but he survives. Marcos recovers slowly, and when the opportunity arises he quickly takes Ali’s back. Alie rolls around and defends, and at the last second Marcos lands a takedown and puts Ali on his back. 10-9 Bagautinov

Round 2: They circle. Not much action. Ali lands a takedown, and Marcos allows it. Marcos active from his back. Not much happening. Ali stagnate on top. Marcos escapes with two minutes left. Not much action while standing either. Marcos seems to be landing more shots. Not a great round from either fighter. 10-9 Marcos by a hair

Round 3: Ali aggressive from the outside. Marcos lands a nice kick. They both probe, nothing happening. Ali clinches. They clinch forever. Nothing happening. They break, and Ali pressures again from the outside. They exchange a few times and Bagautinov has control of the fight while standing. Out of nowhere, Ali lands a huge right cross that drops Marcos. Ali lands a few follow-up shots and that is the end of it.

Ali Bagautinov def. Marcos Vinicius via KO at 3:28 of round 3

Rafael Natal vs Tor Troeng

Round 1: Natal pressures early, both both fighters using good footwork.  Natal hurts Troeng with an overhand, and Natal ends up on top trying to finish. He settles into half guard.  They have a nice scramble when Natal looks for a sloppy topside guillotine. They switch positions often, Troeng proceeds to sweep every time Natal commits to a submission.  Crazy grappling exchanges! Troeng winds up standing over Natal and he lands big left while diving back into guard.When Natal looks to escape, Troeng leaps onto his back and searches for the choke until the bell. 10-9 Natal

Round 2: Natal absolutely blasts Troeng with a right hand that puts him on his back. I have no idea how Troeng is still conscious.  Natal looking to finish, but Troeng hangs on. Tough spot for Troeng. He is getting elbowed. Troeng looks to take Natal’s back when Natal decides to stand, but Natal escapes. They exchange submission attempts and dive on them while in the clinch.  Crazy grappling and I am having trouble keeping up. Exciting fight. 10-9 Natal

Round 3: Natal looks tired. Troeng looks to pressure Troeng looks for a takedown against the fence. Natal locks in a nasty looking guillotine! Troeng looks like he is in trouble, but he gives the thumbs up to the ref. Natal burning energy on this submission, he rolls to his back and sticks with it. Troeng escapes. Troeng on top in half guard and they are both tired. Troeng is tenacious, but Natal is all over him until the end of the fight. 10-9 Natal

Rafael Natal def.  Tor Troeng via unanimous decision

Pitor Hallman vs Francisco Trinaldo

Round 1: Trinaldo attempts a high kick. Hallman lands a nice straight right. Trinaldo is looking for hooks, but Hallman is wise to it and evades.  Trinaldo surprisingly active. Big body kicks from Trinaldo on a stationary Hallman. He is all over Hallman. A right hand in an exchange from Trinaldo drops Hallman. He survives, but Trinaldo is applying great pressure. Hallman having real trouble here. More body kicks from Trinaldo, these look painful. 10-9 Trinaldo

Round 2: Trinaldo looking for more kicks. Hallman looks lost. Trinaldo grabs the dominant position in the ground exchange for a brief second, and Hallman passes to half guard. Hallman works for a kimura, and it is in tight! He grabs onto his opponent with his legs, and he gets the tap!

Piotr Hallman def. Francisco Trinaldo via submission (kimura) at 3:50 of round 2 

Joseph Benavidez vs Jussier Formiga

Round 1: Benavidez is pressuring , Formiga can’t mount offense. Benavidez pressuring. Formiga using footwork to escape bad positions. Sort of boring. Benavidez missing a lot of punches, Formiga doing nothing at all. Benavidez land s nice one-two, and Formiga staggers. Benavidez launches a knee that oddly makes Formiga hit himself in the head with his own forearm. Formiga hits the ground and Benavidez lands on top and finishes him off. Formiga rolls over and lays there until the fight is called. Formiga had nothing to offer in this fight.

Joseph Benavidez def. Jussier Fromiga via TKO at 3:07 of round 1 

Yushin Okami vs Ronaldo Souza

Round 1: Yushin looks gunshy. Souza lands a nice body kick. Souza lands s nice left hook and he swarms all over Okami. Okami covers up against the fence while Souza blasts him for a minute, and they break. Okami appears to be okay. Okami doesn’t look much bigger than Souza. Souza looking for hooks, and he lands one and Okami is hurt badly. Okami falls to the ground, and Souza blasts him with right hands until the ref calls it. Very impressive win for Souza!

Ronaldo Souza def. Yushin Okami via TKO (punches) at 2:47 of round 1

Ryan Bader vs Glover Teixeira

Round 1: Glover looks iced as usual. He reminds me of Chuck before a fight. Bader shoots for a double, and he fails. Bader looking angry, he lands a few right hooks. Bader drops for a guillotine, and that is ill-advised. Glover is out, and he actually takes Bader down momentarily. They clinch against the cage. They exchange high kicks. Bader lands  huge one-two on Glover and he backs up, he is hurt. Bader closes in, and Glover lands a right hand-left hook combo that drops Bader in his tracks. Glover jumps in and finishes the fight!

Glover Teixeira def. Ryan Bader via TKO (punches) at 2:55 of round 1