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4 Must See Mixed Martial Arts Documentaries

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4. CNBC: From Bloodsport to Big Time
This is an excellent documentary covering the rise of the UFC. This was made during the Randy Couture legal fiasco and it covers that, but the most interesting parts are the interviews with UFC founders Rorian Gracie and Bob Meyrowitz.

3. UFC: Beyond the Glory
Another great look inside the UFC, this is older but still a must watch.

2. “Choke” Rickson Gracie Documentary
The legendary champion of the Gracie family, this documentary goes inside the life of Rickson Gracie. Focusing on the 1995 Vale Tudo World Championship, American heavyweight kickboxer Todd “Hollywood” Hays and Japanese shootfighting heavyweight champion Koichiro Kimura look to knock-off the legend. This is such a great documentary, if you have yet to see it, I urge you to check it out.
1. Pride Decade
A fascinating retrospective on the rise and eventual downfall of the Pride Fighting Championships. Many interviews with Pride vets about their favorite fights, KO’s, moments and more. Pieces on Wanderlei, Sakuraba, Rickson, Nogueira, Fedor, the Jackson/Silva Rivalry and so much more.