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*2 Updates* Terrible News of the Day: Jose Aldo Out of UFC 125 with Compacted Vertebrae


Heavy MMA has this bit of disheartening news.

Sources close to the event notified of the news this afternoon.

A compacted vertebrae was causing tingling in Aldo’s arms.

My immediate reaction is that they will still make a featherweight bout for the card, but they lose the title bout and the potential drawing power of the beastly Aldo. Few fighters can guarantee the level of violence that Aldo does, it will be interesting to see what the Zuffa brass come up with.

Josh Gross tweets that the fight may still have some life.

Hmm. Revise Aldo’s “out” to the fight’s in “jeopardy.” Aldo just told his management he will fight regardless. I’m not so sure that happens.

***Update 2*** 
Gross Tweets Again, The Bout is Done For.

Returned home to an e-mail from Jose Aldo’s trainer Andre Pederneiras, who says “Junior” is officially out of UFC 125 w/ “neck disk” injury.