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10 Terrible Nickname Headlines After UFC 136

It’s late, I just moved to a different state (which is why posting has been sporadic), I’m drunk and there are no post fight interviews out yet. So browsing around the interwebs I notice that articles are headlined with the fighters’ nicknames in a horrible way. In what is an attempt at being witty and trying to bring in traffic with what is thought to be a clever headline always comes off to me at least as dreadful.

10. Edgar Has the Right Answer

9. Maynard Bullies, But Can’t Find the Answer

8. All American Wrestler Crushes All American Hero

7. Edgar Bullies the Bully

6. All the Answers

5. Nam Phan is the Real Bad Boy

4. Scarface Too Much for Ken-Flo

3. Lil Heathen Not Ready for Showtime

2. Bully 2.0: Frankie Edgar

1. Edgar Bullied Early, But Still Has Answers